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Aunt Callie

"Aunt Callie" was the third child of Dr. Hilliard Judge Shands and Melissa Penry. Her father spent a year in the gold fields of Caloma, California in the 1849 gold rush years. He returned to his family in Mississippi, and named his next daughter after the experience.
In October 1865, after the Civil War was over, the family moved to Texas, where she met and married James Elliott Douglass in Kaufman. They lived in Forney (formerly called Brooklyn) in Kaufman Co. Callie died at the age 100 and is buried in the family burying ground in Forney.
Julia Cox Douglass (James Douglass' sister) married Callie's brother Ninus Eugene Shands. Their children were "double cousins".

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Callie and James had 10 children: