Cynthia Boydston Penry

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Cynthia at 79

Cynthia Boydston's father was Samuel Boydston (from Fredericksburg, Maryland). The Boydstons are thought to have come into Alabama when it was first opened to white settlers after 1810. In the library of Memphis, Tenn. there is a Boydston book which lists Cynthia as "Synthia".
At the age of 18, she married Jonathan Penry. Cynthia and Jonathan first settled in Alabama. Some of their children may have been born there, but by 1825 they had travelled west to Mississippi, where Melissa was born and where some of the Boydston family are said to still live in Summerville (now called Gholson), Noxube Co., Miss.
Cynthia's husband, Jonathan, died in 1863. With her daughter Melissa's family, the Shands', she joined a migration to Texas in fall of 1865 after the Civil War ended. She lived with her daughters near Ennis, Tx.(south of Dallas).

Cynthia's children, birth order and dates unknown: