Edward S. Mott

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Edward with Jim (and a playmate)

Edward S. Mott was a son of Joseph Brewster Mott and Irene Nowlin.
Nellie, his first wife died young, leaving 6 children. Some of the children were young when Edward remarried to Hattie Walston. Hattie's daughter Virginia was born in 1897.
Hattie was a school principal when she married Edward, the school superintendent. Somewhere in the first decade of the 1900's he lost his job. The family moved to North Dakota, where they acquired a 3,000 acre farm. After Hattie's death in 1927, Edward lived with his daughter Virginia until his death of a stroke. His grandson remembers him as a "tall, jovial, shambling old man". Everyone liked him, and called to him as he walked down the sidewalk every day. He liked to drink, and had a hard time abstaining during the prohibition years from 1919 to 1933.

Children with Nellie Taylor:

Edward and Hattie with Margery and Jim


Child with Hattie Walston: