Harry Clinton Douglass

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Harry Clinton Douglass

Harry Clinton Douglass was the sixth child of James Douglass and Catherine (Katherine) Collier.
His marriage to Betsy Elliott (date and place) is according to a family tree drawn on the back of the photo below. According to "Descendants of Edward Douglass", he was married on December 18, 1828. Notes by JBT say they were married in Sumner Co, TN.
He moved his family to MO in 1842 to Osceola on the Osage River. Later, "in 1858 the Douglass family including their slaves, thirty in number started for Texas" (TCD). In 1863, after five years in Sherman, Texas, they moved to Garden Valley, Texas. Then in 1869, they moved to a farm three miles north of Kaufman, Texas on the old Terrell road. Six of their eight sons fought in the Civil War. Thomas and James were too young to go.

Harry and Betsy had 13 children:

These notes were written on the back of the photo above (author unknown): family notes

For a link to Harry Clinton Douglass in FamilyTreeMaker, click on Descendants of Edward Douglass Harry Clinton Douglass is name #82.