James Douglass

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copied from daguerreotype

James Douglass was the youngest son of Edward Douglass and Sarah George.
When he was born in 1762, his mother was 48. In 1767 when James was 5, the family moved to NC, near the Guilford Court House. The revolutionary war would have been fought while James was a teenager. By 1788 the family was in Gallatin, TN (Sumner Co.). James built a brick house, in which the county court sessions were held in 1788 and 1790. James Douglass was listed as "Register of the Court" from 1804 to 1836.
He and Catherine lived in Gallatin until their deaths. His will was dated Jan 24, 1851, "in which he completed gifts to each of 11 children amounting to 4300 dollars each or a total of $50,000 in land or cash and slaves".
There is a family cemetary in Gallatin where James is buried along with Catherine.

James and Catherine had 11 children:

For a link to Roger Moore's web page on the Douglass family click on Descendants of Edward Douglass while online. James Douglass is name #17.

"This picture of the old James Douglass home on the Douglass Pike 4 miles west of Gallatin, Tenn, was taken by Curtis Douglass. The brick house was built in around 1785 on West Station Camp Creek - in what was then still part of the territory of North Carolina. The elder Edward and his wife Sarah & their remaining children followed Edward Jr. & Elmo (who settled on 640 acres of land in 1786 on Station Camp Creek), Reuben and James - to Sumner Co. The house and burying ground were still there in 1920 when Curtis Douglass took the original picture and visited the burying ground. The house was dismantled in the 1930's." (JBT)

Douglass house