Janet Clarissa Crooks Thompson

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Janet Crooks

Janet Clarissa Crooks was 7th child of 10; parents were Allan McAuley Crooks and Jane Johnson.
Janet met Pirrie in Rat Portage when she was a school teacher and he was working for the Canadian Pacific Railroad. Her daughter-in-law Ruth recalled that Janet applied to 22 school districts and got eight job offers. In the early 1900's she and her family followed Pirrie's work to Everett, WA. In the fall of 1926 Pirrie and Janet went to San Pedro, CA, near their son Leonard. Janet worked in Leonard's office from 1926, the early years of his medical practice, until 1944. Irene worked in his office about 10 of those years. Janet and Irene moved back to the family house in Everett in November 1944.
Leonard's daughter Lois says: "I remember being at Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro with Grandma Janet. We sat on the sand and looked up at sea gulls while she told the story of 'Sea Gull Ted' and other stories she wrote. 'The Red Pepper Story', though, was everyone's favorite." Janet wrote several other homespun children's stories:

Janet is middle, top Children of Janet and Pirrie: