Ruth Rogers Miller Thompson

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Ruth Miller

Ruth was delivered by a woman doctor at "N.Y. Infirmary" Women's Hospital, in New York City. She graduated from Los Angeles High School, after spending one high school year at George School in Pennsylvania. She did undergraduate work at UCLA and graduated with honors in zoology from UC Berkely in 1926. Before her marriage to Leonard she did library work for his brother Will Thompson at the California State Fisheries Laboratory.

Ruth and Leonard made their home in San Pedro, California for over forty years, spending many of those years in a house they designed and had built on the ocean bluff. Leonard carried a very heavy patient load in those times. Ruth helped by answering the telephone in the days before answering services. She kept books for the practice and searched medical libraries for information Leonard needed. She shared leisure activities with the family - reading, singing, sailing, ocean swimming, walking, outdoor vacations, and canoeing. She took responsibility for her mother, Mary Rogers Miller who lived to age 103, and helped other elderly relatives.

After the loss of Leonard and her mother, Ruth lived in Corona del Mar near Arthur's family and later, in San Bernardino near Clara's family. She took piano lessons, read and wrote poetry, and found a home for a large volume of family papers at the Huntington Library, the Rogers-Miller Collection (1807-1968). With her cousin, Mary Gillespie, she added music notation to a collection of songs sung by the Rogers family.

Full of ideas, always active in community organizations, Ruth devoted her efforts to issues from child-rearing to social justice to peace activism. She was active in the YWCA, AAUW, the Fair Housing Committee, the Human Relations Council in San Pedro, the United Nations Association in each community where she lived, and the Interfaith Foundation at UC Irvine. She was an active member of The Religious Society of Friends.

Ruth and Leonard had three children: